Office False Flooring


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Finding usage suitability for modern office buildings, command centres, its data centres and computer rooms, the Office False Flooring support provided helps in creating of the elevated structural floor above concrete slab/solid substrate for creating of hidden passage which is used for concealing of mechanical and electrical services. Also suitable for IT data centres where this support concealed routing of cables, wiring, electrical supply, ducting, data cables, trays, the solution offered allows providing neat appearance as well as supports a safe movement of manning personnel from overhead hanging connections. Some of its features include suitability for underfloor wiring in both new and renovated buildings, providing for efficient use of flooring space, available in panel/tiled finish construction choice and others.


  • Reliable
  • Quality assured
  • Economicalt
  • Suitable For:

  • Modern office buildings
  • Command centres
  • IT data centres
  • Computer rooms